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We’ve caught the Green Bug!

We’re launching our first ever reuse/recycle campaign for White Rock & Surrey!

As two of the leading florists in Surrey, we are continuing to grow in our already Green industry.
We’ve caught the “green” bug, and we’re offering an easy way for our customers to turn their old vases, ceramics and baskets into green plants!

“One of the things we hear is that people have vases, baskets or ceramics from flowers they have received piling up in their basements, under their sinks, in closets… and they feel guilty just throwing them out,” “It’s time to help out and get these glass, wicker and ceramic containers reused or recycled! So, in exchange for people turning in their old stuff, we’re giving out green plants to bring more ‘green’ into homes.

This is simply an extension of our in house recycling programs and commitment to corporate responsibility by using products like biodegradable cellophane and cleaning products.”

Being Green Has Never Been Easier!
It’s so easy! Simply bring your glass, ceramic and wicker containers to EH Florist. For every five reusable containers brought in at one time, customers will receive a green plant to get some green growing in their home.

EH Florist will evaluate each container to see if it is able to be reused and filled perfectly with amazing fresh blooms again. For containers that are not able to be reused, they will be recycled. They will continue to accept containers throughout the year, but the Fresh Plant promotion will continue only till the end of August 2008.